Monday, November 28, 2011

today I spent my time doing some laundry. When I walked outside, I notice the weather getting colder. A sure sign of winter weather coming soon. I wore my favorite grey cord mens cap lined with faux wool (it is definatly not a summer hat). I wore it over my messy hair. I also wore some mid calf gym pants and 311 t-shirt with a comfy zip up that my mom got me for my 29th birthday. I only had two loads to wash so i saved on money today which is good cause I had just enough money for those two loads. While I was walking back and forth from the laundry-mat ( I live so close to it so I go home in between loads), a neighbors dog kept barking at me! It kind of scard me even though the gate was locked. I was startled more form the unexpectyed loud bark then getting bitten. Today wasn't so bad :)

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