Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working It Out

I am planning to head to the YMCA in Evanston in a few minutes. I have a gym membership there and have been tyring to go there to workout at least three times a week. I did not get that much sleep unfortunately aside from the cat nap I just woke up from (9:30 am - 1:15pm,) which I am so grateful for. I'll take that amount then none at all.  I think that is good enough :)

I have a cut up knee from getting it scratch on a boulder in the lake six days ago, it is healing so slowly, and it makes me feel kinda worried to work out because I don't want to disrupt the healing process, but I have to work out. I did rest yesterday.

I am hoping for a good workout. And yes, there is a such thing as a good or bad workout. A good workout to me is when everything feels effortless, breathing is full and apparent, there is a lot of sweat, and there is no fatigu. And bad workout is the opposite including dizziness, a lot of pain not from working out but from the fatigue, when all the machines I want to use is not available, and when  it is over crowded.

All in all, I am glad that Saturday is almost over which means August 1st will be here so which means I get money to buy food and most importantly...its my birthday month :) Yay!!

Peace & Love,

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