Monday, January 14, 2013

What I've Been Up To :) 1-14-13

I have been doing sooooo much stuff

from giving my immediate family their late Christmas gifts...all of which i got at Walmart which super where I live and it is VERY annoying to go to...i even made a video expressing my uneasy feeling of doing laundry and trying to squeeze in going to the darn gym.

Today i cleaned my apartment: mainly the bathroom: sink, tub, toilet, mirror and then swept and mopped my dirty floors that had sand all over it from me going to the lake, yes i go to the lake even in winter cause i need the nature in order to help me stay sane in this crazy city and sleep well at night.

So i mopped my kitchen and bathroom floor along with put my clothes away (hang in closet + fold in drawer) that has been ready for about 6 days and I JUST got around to them.

now I am online for a while looking at youtube and checking on my mall on mallworld: a hobby of mine. Later on in about thirty minutes, I am planning on watching the Golden Globes, I am kinda looking forward to it, I say kinda cause I don't go to the movies much cause I am poor and when I do go I go with my ma but I have to watch what she wants to watch

Any hoo

I have to some how make dinner too, which will be pasta and fish and maybe a smoothie if i remember.

Tomorrow I am suppose to go to Lee (who is expecting a girl -- yay!) who is moving with her guy Ted, cutest little boy Kai who I have sat for and I will miss him to bits and pieces, they are moving to Amsterdam Europe, I guess. I wont ever hear from her again, but that is life. I wish her well and am grateful for the time I spent with her son:) oh yeah she is Canadian which is so cool. and she has traveled so much which also soooo cool!!

oh yeah, the reason why I am going over her place, to pick up some plant pots that she is getting rid of before her big move. So I plan to go there after I go online for a wee bit (hopeful) in the morning and then off to Lee's by 12:30. Then back to the north side, cause she lives downtown, and drop off my pots then rest maybe hopefully before going to the gym to do a light work out (very very light)

omg! the most exciting thing in my life, I got a new phone for Xmas from my ma. I can download music ...FINALLY!!!  I can listen to music while working out :) heck yes. and while on the bus/train which I have to take EVERY where.  I am soooooo thank to my ma for the phone

I wasn't going to watch it but damn it i got sucked it. It is good ol cotton candy TV: The Bachelor. I was pleasantly surprised that were four or five black girls sprinkled in the sea of women. A girl with one arm ( she freaking broke my heart)

well that is it for now

peace and love,

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