Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013 -- Personal Blog Post Pt. 2

~ Trusting My Intuition For My Overall Health ~

For maybe two or three years, I belonged to a group called the Singing Circle. It basically is a kind of meet up with folks coming together to sing songs, you guessed a circle. The songs we would sing were awesome amazing folk, back in the day songs. Songs I grew up learning in school like Oh Suzanna and famous ones such as the ones created by the world famous English band The Beatles.

Today I decided that it was finally time for me to move on. I never got a warm welcome when I arrived. All I got were cold stares and averted eyes. And it went on like that from the first day until the last.

Part of me, thought it was me. Because I wasn't really socially experienced and I felt that I wasn't "doing it right" or something. Each time I got the same feeling and treatment. I ignored it because I loved to sing the songs that were in "The Big Book Of Songs". I loved the feeling of singing the songs organically to acoustic guitars. I could feel my soul open up with joy and appreciation. Before the singing, in between songs and after all the singing was always awkward.  Every one would pair up talking leaving me out. But I pressed on hoping my feelings and body will just toughen up. For me to grow a freaking thicker skin.

Recently, I read an amazing article about trusting you intuition on It basically says that by strengthening the intuition by honoring it, it can actually heal the body, mind, and spirit. 

Some times my lower back will hurt. Or I cannot breath. Kinda gross, but my bowls don't move as well. And of course there is my insomnia, my arch nemesis.

All of these are examples of the body telling me that there is something not quite right. Maybe someone I am interacting with isn't right for me. Something I am doing isn't what I should be doing. Or a place I am going to frequently, I should stop hanging out at because it is not benefiting me in a loving positive way. 

I believe the singing circle was one of those places. I had all these ill feelings. My gut kept telling me that this is not the people I need to be around. But I kept making excuses and trying to see the best in others as usual. I wrote a letter today to the coordinator Jonathan earlier today saying that I wont be back. I have quit a lot of things in the wrong way so it was really important that I ended things with this group on good terms. I learned a lot about myself and socializing during my time there so that is one good thing I can take away from the experience. As well as some really cool songs. No matter how sweet I can be, some people will still continue to treat you  like you're scum on the bottom of there shoe for different reasons that has to do me, but maybe with their insecurities. No matter how much I would prove to them over and over again I am a fun, good person, they never saw me and never will.

I am learning when to say when. And with this group it is time to say when.

So now that I am learning to not only listen and trust my intuition, but to also take action about them. Weather is in going to the beach to revitalize my spirit. Or spend less (or no) time with certain people who dis-value me.

Intuition....Save me now! :)

Peace, Love & Happiness

Andrea Bentley

 The web site: 
Title: Intuitive Healing : Letting Your Soul do The Doctorin
Date: March 30, 2013

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