Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 2014 - My Random Faves Pt. 1

Words Of Encouragement

1 manage stress   2 practice self affirmation    3 stay healthy    4 get more sleep   5 meditate regularly 6 post pone bad rewards ie whey you are trying to overcome a bad habit or craving tell yourself not now later

from Lumosity

For The Home
love this couch (np)

Cool Celebs
actor Chris Pratt... cute & funny

Singer/Writer Sia

Kerry Washington // Actress

Shark Tank cast: Mark, Kevin aka Mr. Wonderful, Damond, Barbara, Lori, & Robert

Shark Tanks Mark, Daymond, Kevin & Robert

Tasty Treats
avocados (np)

walnuts rosemary brussel sprouts apple pomagranant


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