Friday, December 14, 2012

My 12-12-12 Holiday Adventure

On 12-12-12 I took a look around downtown Chicago and stopped at Argo Tea to meet up with Lisa whom I've known for over 6 years :) She is so awesome :)

Here are some pictures I took to remember the day.

~ Macy's ~

~ Daly Center Plaza ~

Giant manora 

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Giant nutcracker

Giant tree with Christmas lights

Giant tree with Christmas lights

~ Argo Tea ~

I think this was my first time at Argo Tea and I gotta say The tea I got which was the Green Tea Ginger Twist is amazing! Here is a description of this yummy tea from their website :

Argo Tea's Green Tea Ginger Twist® is a delicious blend of antioxidant-packed Japanese green tea, real pieces of spicy ginger root, twist of ripe lemons and a hint of vanilla.

Me taking a sip of my yummy tea :) 
bad hair day... uggg .. oh well :)

~Target display ~

'All is Bright' 
I tried and tried but this pic wouldn't download correctly 

'Deck The Halls'

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