Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Greek Salad With Home Made Balsamic Dressing Plus More Healthy Eats

I have been gorging myself on junk lately. I need to despartly incorporate fresh and healthier food in my diet again...stat :)

To create more balance to my diet I am starting to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. I kind of gotten off the "wagon" but, as long as I find my way back it is all good :)

I went to Food For Less and picked up some stuff to make one of my favorite fresh salad. I call it  My Greek Salad With Home Made Balsamic Dressing! I love making (and eating) this salad especially in bulk stored in a container so I have a healthy meal on hand. And as for the dressing, it was my first time making it. I wanted to make a dressing that I knew what was in it and that I can control the salt intake in it. So I looked up balsamic vinegar dressing on line and got some great ideas, modified it a bit and then presto! A tasty dressing for a savory salad that I actually enjoy eating that's mostly natural.

Lastly, I also included some of my favorite healthy eats that I just love. It is possible to eat healthy food that also taste yummy :)

Balsamic Vinegar Dressing:
2 Tsp - balsamic vinegar
4 Tsp - EVOO (but I didnt have any so I used regular oliver oil)
1 tsp - salt, paprika, pepper, & rosemary
two squirts of ketchep & mustard (spicy mustard or dijion mustard is best)
3 squirts of honey
In a empty olive oil jar

baby spinach & romain lettuce

Feta cheese, black olives, crasins

Ta-Da! Yummy healthy goodness :)

                                                          ~ Some Honorable Mentions ~

Eggplant for pasta sauce

Golden delicious apples

Gala apples

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