Thursday, December 20, 2012

my computer is down...yet again :(

Not much going on here except my computer is on the frizt again which is super annoying. I had to buy a detachable hard drive for it to work on it. It wasn't cheap so that kinda got me in the dumps.

I haven't been able to go online and post my favorite fashion and watch my you tube videos. It is my life since i don't really have much of an exciting one.

My mom turned 54 yesterday!  Her and my sibs ate Asian food from China Hut and hung out. I made my mom a spa day coupon book with seven coupons. I DIY'ed it :) my mom seem to really like it. yay ! It was nice to celebrate my moms b-day. She is such a sweet lady. I wish the best for her cause she has had a hard year with her health and apartment.

I went to Aldi's and got some yummy food today. I picked up two jars of hazel nut spread. I have just tried after hearing about it for soooo long, and it did not disappoint as far as how awesome it is. Gosh, If I could eat a jar a day of it and not gain a pound, dude I would :) It is freaking good! I have a Nutella (which is a popular brand of hazel nut spread) crepe recipe I cannot wait to try out.

That is it for now, my legs are getting cold, I should hop into bed for a bit watch a bit of tv before bed. although I need to cut tv out more. I'll just watch a little :)

I wish for myself and every one a safe peaceful lovely holiday :)

peace and love

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