Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 2013 -- Personal Blog Post 4

Back on Track....For Now

My mom and I seem to be talking again. I am still going to set boundaries and take time for me when I or she  are starting to get on each others nerves. 

Yesterday we ended up working out together. She has arthritis and has a hard time with going to the gym so I did my best to support her and workout my body and mind as well. 

We met at the gym, and afterwards, she gave me a ride home. She gave me a late Valentines gift of a small, red heart shaped tea candle holder that came with two red, red-hot scented tea candles & heart-shaped lollipops :). She also brought some very yummy cereal bars and Capri Sun juices for me. 

My mom is such a thoughtful caring person. And it hurt so much when we fight. It affects me so much when we stop talking because of silliness. 

Some space is needed sometimes. But I cherish my relationship with my mom. We both want the best for each other. But I think it is so much so, that we don't take the much need time and energy to take care of ourselves...which can alter the fact for either of us being there for each other in a healthy way or when we are together, we can tolerate each other. so that is why I think that space is needed sometimes. And during those spaces, we must take loving care of our tender souls :)

Peace & Love,


  1. Hey Andrea,
    It's nice to see others posting blogs about there personal lives, I just started blogging yesterday and am looking for followers. Any who I have followed you cause I see some of your blogs are really interesting. Love your blogs x I'm hoping my blogs become as popular as yours. Any who from a blogger to another blogger. Keep it up

    1. Hi Michell!

      oh my gosh :) thank you so much for your kind words. so nice and encouraging... I would love to check out your blog

      stay awesome :)