Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am currentley tring to get more into zentangle. They are fun yet challenging. Here are my very first zentangles!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life In Black And White

Here are some photos I took about a week ago after finding out a camera I have had over a year takes b/w pics.

Photos 1-4 taken on a Fall day at
 Lake Michigan in Chicago

 Me posing for the camera..Hi!

'The Kitchen'

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Current Tortoise Shell Obsession

I have recently discovered the beauty of tortoise shell jewelry.  To me, they are a swirl of the colors brown and black  in a glossy marble or sometimes a matte finish. Tortoise shell gives a piece of jewelry a bit of elegance and class. Usually they are not real tortoise shell and have a modern or vintage touch to them. Here are some examples of the unique look off tortoise shell jewelry

tortoise shell hoop earrings
Hoop earrings from Macy's


1980's tortoise shell & leather Chanel shoulder bag
1980's Chanel shell & leather shoulder bag
Tortoise shell sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
Tortoiseshell & silver watch
Watch: yahoo image search
Tortoise shell sunglasses by Chanel
Sunglasses by Chanel

Tortoise shell watch by Michael Kors
Watch by Michael Kors

Tortoiseshell stone necklace w/ that ties w/ black ribbon
Tie necklace from yahoo image search

Tortoiseshell winged dragonfly pin
Winged dragonfly pin: yahoo image search

Titaniul faux tortoiseshell watch w/ faux diamonds
Diamond watch from

Pinned Image
Mark Jacobs Infinity bracelet

Rare vintage Coppola e Toppo four strand tortoiseshell necklace

Rare vintage Coppola e Toppo
4-strand necklace.

 Tortoise shell thin bangle braclets
Thin bangle bangle bracelets
Chronograph tortoise shell & gold plated watch
Gold plated watch

Fauxx tortoise shell bangle bracelet
Bangle b

Vintage Florenza pin cameo tortoise shell glass

Vintage florenza pin cameo

Totoise shell flowered bracelets
Flowered bangle bracelet

Torttoiseshell  & gold plated watch
 Chronograph gold plated

Lace doily necklace of tortoise shell marble
Lace doily necklace
gold plated & tortoiseshell watch
Gold plated watch

Statment peice: tortoiseshell Cannetille pendant brooch
Cannetille pendant brooch

Acrylic tortoise shell circle earrings
 Circle earrings

Oval tortoiseshell & silver chains necklace
Oval necklace w/ silver chains

 Tortoiseshell bangles
Bangle bracelets

Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch
Michael Kors watch

Tory Burch tortoiseshell ring
Tory Burch ring

<3 Gold chain watch by River Island. Has Tortoiseshell detailing <3 and lobster clasp fastening
Gold chains watch

<3 Brown tortoise watch by River Island
Gold watch by River Island
Multi pack of tortoise shell & metal angular bangles
Muti-angular bangle bracelets
Lilly tortoiseshell bracelet by Pieces
Lilly bracelet by Pieces

Linda Farrow glasses
Linda Farrow sun glasses

skinny tortoise shell bangles 3 set
set of 3 bracelets

Tortoise shell hoop earrings
Large hoop earrings

small hoop earrings

Tortoise shell bracelet
link bracelet

oval link chain tortoise shell necklace
oval link chain long necklace

buckle tortoise shell cuff
buckle cuff

tortoise shell bangle bacelet
bangle bracelt

scotty dog shaped tortoise shell pony tail holder
scotty dog shaped pony tail holder

tortoise shell bangle bracelet
bangle bracelt

tortoise shell cuff bracelet
cuff bracelet

Tortoise shell bracelet