Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 2016 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 9

Fashion that feels passion

Leaf & Petal Post Set

Aludra Posts - grey

Aludra Posts - ivory

Antwerp Necklace

Aphrodite Earrings

Bellona Brooch

Blanca collar necklace

Blanca Gumball Ring

Botany Posts

Budding Bib Necklace

Carinae Earrings - dark turquoise

Carinae Earrings - navy

chasm braclet

Crystal Shaker Ring

Cygnus Earrings

Daina Collar Necklace

Emiliana Drops

erynnis necklace

fiesta jacket earrings

flower field necklace

gale pendant necklace

Gibraltar Hoops

knox ring

Silviculture Collar Necklace

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 2016 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 8

Fashion that feels passion

Drawing Room Infinity Scarf

Fleuriste Belt

Lysandra Infinity Scarf

Malibran Belt

Matiko Abiba Shooties

Monet Heels - gold

Monet Heels - pink

Mulada Sandals - brown

Mulada Sandals - silver

Nero heels

Nero T-Strap Heels

Noura Scarf

oceanview scarf

raffia heels

Romance Heels - nude

Romance Heels - yellow

romance sneakers

Scott Miss Georgia Heels

sillo flats - black

sillo flats - grey

Taisie Infinity Scarf

talkari belt

Vicenza Beatriz Heels - white

March 2016 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 7

Fashion that feels passion

Pedoulas Barrette

lili headband 

affinity double headband - grey

affinity double headband - gold

aurnia pony holders

florence bobby set

Garden Walk Comb - lavender

Garden Walk Comb - white

Ignacia Headband - gold

Ignacia Headband - white

Ignacia Headband - white

laurel leaves headband

olas headband

Phaedra Headband - blue

Phaedra Headband - pink

Phaedra Headband - silver

Polygon Pony Holders

Shapeshift Pony Holders

Sorcha Headband

tendril headband