Friday, November 17, 2017

November 2017 - Anthropologie Pt 1. Holiday Decor


Frosted Leaves Ornament

 Branch Light-Up Ornament

 Budding Monogram Ornament

 Capiz Star Light-Up Tree Topper

 Capiz Star String Lights

Captured Woodland Ornament

 Dew-Sprinkled Star Tree Topper

 Felted Songbird Wreath

 Golden Songbird Ornament

 Holiday Home Wreath

 Jingle Bell Tree Ornament

 Letters To The North Pole Ornament

 Lovebirds Ornament

 Royal Acorn Ornament

Snowglobe Habitat Ornamentin fox

November 2017 - Back To Posing! (For Now)

Hello! I am back to posting on my blog 😃. I couldn't think of a come back intro that would blow minds unfortunately. But what I could say is what I could say is what I have in store: some more blogs of things I like. yeah i think that about covers it. And maybe some updates and personal blog post if i feel moved to doing so. Many thanks and blessings! Bye for now.