Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gotta Post Something!

 Hey hey! okay so I am not good at introductions or titles. its been a while since i started back up blogging and I wanted to post something before time passed even more. its like I want to wait for the perfect post or perfect words or perfect whatever.

well I say, Fuck that. I'm just going to go for it. imperfections and all!

I don't remember if I mentioned last time but I am in the process of getting my drivers license. I am planning on taking my permit test/eye exam at the end of this month. I'm here at the library I just finished a few practice quizzes which went very well! I just hope they are stuff that is going to be on the test. yikes if not. 

last Friday I flew to Dallas TX. for my cousin Tamika's college graduation. she flew me there and back. wasn't that ultra nice of her?! omg I had the best time. I was only there less then a day and a half. I got to meet the father of her daughter and boyfriend as well as her brother. everyone was super chill and nice. Maybe I'll do a part two to my Texas trip next time. I want to wrap this up so I can get ready to go back home.

Until next time...hopefully sooner than later✌

Sunday, May 2, 2021

A Return To My Blog (But With A Twist?)

Welcome Back!

Hi! My name is Andrea. I'm a 38 year old woman living in the Chicago land area. I was recently diagnosed with MS in February 2021 and have been recuperating as best as I can.

In the past, I posted mainly fashion stuff I liked. But in the past few years I've been off of fashion and more into health & wellness. 

With that being said, in these new blogs which I hope to be doing on a regular basis, will be about my POV on life and how to live it better day to day. I am no where near an expert, but I have accumulated so much random information on various topics that may be helpful and it'll be nice to try and jot them down from time to time. Which hopefully will keep me accountable and consistent in my own life.

I also would like to post updates on my health and my goals and what its like to accomplish them as a person with disability.  Hopefully doing this blog will help me better understand myself so I can grow as a person and be the kick-ass woman I know I can be after years of focusing on the wrong things. Well here goes nothing!

First off, I have new wonderful niece. she is amazing! Well she isn't exactly new. She is 3 yo as of this past February. She inspired me to get my self together. I wanted to be able to play with her and enjoy her company without my lower back always going out or my chronic depression, mood disorder, or social anxiety getting in the damn way. So I've been working out more, eating healthier (and loving it!), and really trying hard to just focus on my self.

There is so much I want to discuss but I just want to make this as short and sweet as I could. This is something I've been wanted to do for such a long time. So glad I finally put my mind to it to do it! Its a bit of a challenge but its a challenge I need and want. 

Until next time, sooner than later.