Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Current Tortoise Shell Obsession

I have recently discovered the beauty of tortoise shell jewelry.  To me, they are a swirl of the colors brown and black  in a glossy marble or sometimes a matte finish. Tortoise shell gives a piece of jewelry a bit of elegance and class. Usually they are not real tortoise shell and have a modern or vintage touch to them. Here are some examples of the unique look off tortoise shell jewelry

tortoise shell hoop earrings
Hoop earrings from Macy's


1980's tortoise shell & leather Chanel shoulder bag
1980's Chanel shell & leather shoulder bag
Tortoise shell sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
Tortoiseshell & silver watch
Watch: yahoo image search
Tortoise shell sunglasses by Chanel
Sunglasses by Chanel

Tortoise shell watch by Michael Kors
Watch by Michael Kors

Tortoiseshell stone necklace w/ that ties w/ black ribbon
Tie necklace from yahoo image search

Tortoiseshell winged dragonfly pin
Winged dragonfly pin: yahoo image search

Titaniul faux tortoiseshell watch w/ faux diamonds
Diamond watch from

Pinned Image
Mark Jacobs Infinity bracelet

Rare vintage Coppola e Toppo four strand tortoiseshell necklace

Rare vintage Coppola e Toppo
4-strand necklace.

 Tortoise shell thin bangle braclets
Thin bangle bangle bracelets
Chronograph tortoise shell & gold plated watch
Gold plated watch

Fauxx tortoise shell bangle bracelet
Bangle b

Vintage Florenza pin cameo tortoise shell glass

Vintage florenza pin cameo

Totoise shell flowered bracelets
Flowered bangle bracelet

Torttoiseshell  & gold plated watch
 Chronograph gold plated

Lace doily necklace of tortoise shell marble
Lace doily necklace
gold plated & tortoiseshell watch
Gold plated watch

Statment peice: tortoiseshell Cannetille pendant brooch
Cannetille pendant brooch

Acrylic tortoise shell circle earrings
 Circle earrings

Oval tortoiseshell & silver chains necklace
Oval necklace w/ silver chains

 Tortoiseshell bangles
Bangle bracelets

Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch
Michael Kors watch

Tory Burch tortoiseshell ring
Tory Burch ring

<3 Gold chain watch by River Island. Has Tortoiseshell detailing <3 and lobster clasp fastening
Gold chains watch

<3 Brown tortoise watch by River Island
Gold watch by River Island
Multi pack of tortoise shell & metal angular bangles
Muti-angular bangle bracelets
Lilly tortoiseshell bracelet by Pieces
Lilly bracelet by Pieces

Linda Farrow glasses
Linda Farrow sun glasses

skinny tortoise shell bangles 3 set
set of 3 bracelets

Tortoise shell hoop earrings
Large hoop earrings

small hoop earrings

Tortoise shell bracelet
link bracelet

oval link chain tortoise shell necklace
oval link chain long necklace

buckle tortoise shell cuff
buckle cuff

tortoise shell bangle bacelet
bangle bracelt

scotty dog shaped tortoise shell pony tail holder
scotty dog shaped pony tail holder

tortoise shell bangle bracelet
bangle bracelt

tortoise shell cuff bracelet
cuff bracelet

Tortoise shell bracelet

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unarrested Development

This evening was really good. I talked to my sis and ma on the phone, I revamped my youtube page as well as download 2 new videos. They are very amaturish but it all comes down to my videos helping me find and express myself :)
And the cherry on this delicious cake called day, I watch a really touching as always episode of Parenthood. Oh I love that show. I would love to be part of that family....I just want to be like there adopted sister or something :)

Here are some random pic of me. They are my most recent takes.


Thanx for checking out my blog!!

2 blues polishes = electic blue nail polish

Back Home

My mom was so nice enough to pick me up from my appointment today in Skokie. She is such a self-less person... I love her so much. I wish I could do more to show how much it means to me when she helps me. She actually pushed her appointment back to pick me up from the cold and windy weather.

After my appointment and before my mom picked me up, I went to a near by Donkin Donuts and bought coffee and a breakfast croissant sandwich. i didn't know that they made breakfast food during the day so I was pretty jazzed. My mom came a second after I got my order.

When I went in to my moms car, she said that the coffee smelled good and that she loved the smell of coffee and told me a story about when she was a little girl her mom made coffee in the morning and that she would take cookies and hide under the bed to eat them :) my mom is so cute !

So i got home. finished my coffee and turned on the TV and listened to the Nate Burkus Show and Ellen while on the Internet.

I plan on staying home the rest of the evening.
I didn't get to get my medicine today, but that is alright. I'll get it tomorrow.

Tuesday Morning

It is Tuesday,  as it says in the title. I got up prayed....even though I am a bad prayer, showered, made eggs & toast for breakfast, washed it down with grape juice and took my medication. I have to take meds for symptoms of PTSD and other untreated illness that did not get treated when I was young.

I know...TMI right?
Right under my shoulder blades is so sore from a freak accident. I twisted funny yesterday trying to put on lotion. I is pretty sad. but oh so true. I used a heating pad that natasha my sis gave me to help ease the pain. I think it helped.

 I cant wait to go to the gym. I need to go. my body is screaming out for some kind of physical activity especially with these depressing looking days while the weather is colder and days get dark earlier.

I love that this blog page automatically saves!

okay. so yeah I am all over the page today. I am still getting used to blogging and I think it can be what ever I want it to be.

All I can hope for is a good day today. I have a feeling it is going to be a challenge. but I am planning to go for a short walk to the lake before I start my errands of the day to ease the blow of what ever will come my way today.

Monday, November 28, 2011

today I spent my time doing some laundry. When I walked outside, I notice the weather getting colder. A sure sign of winter weather coming soon. I wore my favorite grey cord mens cap lined with faux wool (it is definatly not a summer hat). I wore it over my messy hair. I also wore some mid calf gym pants and 311 t-shirt with a comfy zip up that my mom got me for my 29th birthday. I only had two loads to wash so i saved on money today which is good cause I had just enough money for those two loads. While I was walking back and forth from the laundry-mat ( I live so close to it so I go home in between loads), a neighbors dog kept barking at me! It kind of scard me even though the gate was locked. I was startled more form the unexpectyed loud bark then getting bitten. Today wasn't so bad :)