Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh My Gosh! My First MP3

Eclipse MP3 Player - $21.84
4GB (giga bites): holds 2000 songs
clip on design
charges with UBS cable
includes earbuds

My review:
it is an OK product. i love that it is so small and that it clips on. The fact that it holds 2000 songs is great too. the earbuds that they came with are not good. they are too big for my ear canal so they keep popping out which a major bummer because i was hoping to mainly use the MP3 for working out, but if the earbuds pops out while i am on the treadmill, that will be so annoying. I may need to buy a new earbud that is well suited for me, but there is no way i can afford it at the moment. I feel that the speakers don't get loud enough.