Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 - Personal Blog Post #1

Hello Birthday Month!

It is August, my birthday month :) I am really happy about it. I will be practically solo but that is ok. The weather was so beautiful today. I got a chance to hang out side for an hour at a park and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was sunny and breezy. 

 This Summer has been challenging. Having a phobia of the outside world and having very little experience with pretty much everything, I had to make a choice to go out and face my fears and all the uncomfortable feelings that goes along with them. I took myself out almost every day. I went to the park, beach, gym, downtown, or the library. I think it has helped a lot. I do feel a lot less anxious everywhere I go. I try to breath and just remember that I have just as much right to be anywhere as anyone else. It sounds silly but yeah, i have to remind my self constantly.

I have also enjoyed some movies as well (which I will score on a scale 1-5. 1 being it was really bad and 5 being awesome). I saw White House Down (3 of 5) and Grown Ups (1 of 5) at the movie theater with my mom a few weeks ago. I knew Grown Ups was going to be really dumb, which it was. But I just wanted to laugh at some silly comedy with out thinking I guess :)
Some home movies I watched was:  Brave (5 of 5), Behind The Candleabra (4 of 5), Looper (2 of 5), Magic Mike (3 of 5), Ted (3 of 5) and Django (4 of 5).

So yeah, I've enjoyed a bit of movies :)

and some songs...
Song of the month ( for July) -"Blurred Lines" By Alen Thicke  &  "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake

That is it for now, i guess i am not to chatty today. Happy Summer! Peace, Love & Happiness!

-Andrea :)

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