Monday, May 18, 2015

May 2015 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 10

Fashion that feels passion

Scalloped Sea studs

Belgrave Fire Opal Earrings

Black Diamond Chained Studs in 14k Rose Gold

Blushed Droplet Hoops

Fringed Wreath earrings

Moonstone Lure drops

Ormeau Abalone Drops

Rain Ringed hoops

Rosecut Diamond Posts in 14k Rose Gold

Turquoise ladder hoops

Fringed Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Moonstone and Diamond Pendant Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Rosecut Diamond Ring in 14k Gold - silver

Kite Song Pendant Necklace

Lucero necklace

Puka shell necklace

Turquoise Lariat Necklace in 14k Gold

Zahaya bracelet

Andine Bracelets - blue motif

Andine Bracelets - purple motif

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