Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 12

Fashion that feels passion

Botanical Barette

Athena Hair Comb - black

Athena Hair Comb - gold

Athena Hair Comb - grey

Elisir Headband

Evening Orchid Barette

Howlite-Spotted Cuff - blue motif

Howlite-Spotted Cuff - natural motif

Karachi Headband

Marietta Headband

Pamplona Headband

Piodoa Bangle

Crystal Cove Hair Comb

Port Royal Hair Comb

Saisons Link Bracelet - natural motif

Saisons Link Bracelet - rose

Shearling Newsboy Cap

Sutlej Kimono

Garden of Dreams Kimono

Vanda Flower Crown

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