Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 2016 - Anthropologie Faves Pt. 4

Fashion that feels passion

Anemone Ring

Florissants Fortune Locket Necklace
"let disruptions and discomfort be your guide"

Ballerina Velours Suede Loafers - black

Ballerina Velours Suede Loafers - blue

Ballerina Velours Suede Loafers - red

Billy Ella Briarwood loafers

Billy Ella Briarwood Pumps

Botany Ring

Briolette Fringe Necklace

Cieux Fortune Locket Necklace
 "use your power for good"

Corsage Ring

Druzy Dewdrop Ring

Envelope Fortune Locket Necklace

Farylrobin Caley Heels

Honeycomb Fortune Locket Necklace
 "borrow out fortune until you find your own"

Mireille Crescent Necklace

Morning Glory Ring

Fritillary Watch

Rosarium Watch

Rose Rustler Watch

Superga Macrame Sneakers

Vineyard Pendant Necklace

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