Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gotta Post Something!

 Hey hey! okay so I am not good at introductions or titles. its been a while since i started back up blogging and I wanted to post something before time passed even more. its like I want to wait for the perfect post or perfect words or perfect whatever.

well I say, Fuck that. I'm just going to go for it. imperfections and all!

I don't remember if I mentioned last time but I am in the process of getting my drivers license. I am planning on taking my permit test/eye exam at the end of this month. I'm here at the library I just finished a few practice quizzes which went very well! I just hope they are stuff that is going to be on the test. yikes if not. 

last Friday I flew to Dallas TX. for my cousin Tamika's college graduation. she flew me there and back. wasn't that ultra nice of her?! omg I had the best time. I was only there less then a day and a half. I got to meet the father of her daughter and boyfriend as well as her brother. everyone was super chill and nice. Maybe I'll do a part two to my Texas trip next time. I want to wrap this up so I can get ready to go back home.

Until next time...hopefully sooner than later✌

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