Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 2013 -- Personal Blog Post #1

What I'm Up To: Working Out, Movies & A TV Show

I started a new workout routine last month. I figure since the weather is getting warmer, that it would be a good idea to go to the beach and exercise there. It is fun but challenging. I have stopped going to the gym so frequently because it can be a bit stressful to get my gym stuff together and on top of that i have to take public transportation which takes for ever it seems, and I am already uncomfortable and impatient and i just want to get to the gym right away, instead being in the crowd of people. I do my work out at home if the weather is rainy or I am just not feeling like lugging my weights to the beach. I am trying to be more active every chance I get. But I defiantly pace myself.

I watched a movie called the "Exploding Girl" online. It is an indi about a college women who goes to live with her mom for spring or summer break and her best male friend comes along for a ride back into town. His living arrangements fall short so he goes to live with the girl, Ivy. Meanwhile she has a dirt bag boyfriend who is stringing her along, but he never shows his face. He only exists through phones calls he and Ivy have which the viewers get to ease drop on.The more he treats Ivy like she is unworthy, the more Ivy thinks maybe she deserved better...maybe her male friend perhaps?

The movie was just OK. I love her style:) I hated that the guy friend smoked weed and drank all the time and she was attracted to that...but hey, even I have been there.Oh and one more important thing. She suffers from seizures which her guy friends is there for her to help her through them. Maybe that is why she likes him. And maybe that is why the movie is called "The Exploding Girl"

A week later, I found a movie that I wanted to see since the first time I saw the preview, called  Ruby Sparks. And it turned out... the same young lady in The Exploding Girl Movie is also in Ruby Sparks! So cool!

Ruby Sparks is about a man who wrote an incredible book ten years ago and is expected to write another one just as good. As he struggles to write, he confides in his therapist about his struggles of finding inspiration which led to an interesting story that comes to life! And out from the pages of his typewriter come real life girl. Beautiful, spunky, and flawed like the rest of us. Basically his dream girl. Things seem great at first but soon things turn for an usual turns of events when he finds out the women he made up actually was begining to have a mind of her own that contradicts his way of life.

I absolutely loved this movie! Artistic, quirky, funny, emotional movie I wasn't to crazy about the ending, but it was still a sweet ending. A bit confusing though.

I also watched classic books adapted into movies: Jane Eyre(which I loved) and Wuthering Heights ( which i did not like).

I also discovered an awesome show "Girls", about four women post college (one of them still in college), making it in the Big Apple. The heroine is curvy quirky women who fully embraces her sexuality while struggling to become a working writer. Just a freaking awesome and funny show!

That's all for now! Peace, Love & Happiness


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