Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 2013 -- Personal Blog Post #1

Summers Here!

The last couple of weeks I have been working really hard on staying on track with minding my own business and staying out of other peoples business. I did slip of course but I think I am back on track!

The weather has been getting a lot warmer so I have been trying to spend as much time out side, especially by the lake. I bought this out door toy I call a boom paddle which is basically one of those plastic tennis rackets with plastic face and it makes a cool boom noise with it hits a ball. I have been playing it at the beach and park when ever I can possible. I see it as great exercise and working on my eye hand coordination and social anxiety. And its so fun! Even though I feel like a dork playing it by myself.

So I am defiantly doing my best to get out more and not spend my day at home in misery like I have in the past. It is very hard to get out. But it is better then it has been in the past and all I could ask for is improvements and that seems to be happening. So... Yay!

I have also been watching movies at home and at the theaters. I'll give my quick opinion, 1 being I really disliked it and 5 being that it was amazing. Some of the home movies include: Friends With Benefits (2), 21 Jump Street (1), Money Ball (4), The Vow (3), Sparkle ( 2 1/2). The movie Theater movies include: After Earth (4 1/2) and Man Of Steel (3)... although I give Henry Cavalli  who plays Super Man 5 for hotness :).

Song of the month:
1. Bruno Mar's "Treasure". Watch the video on YouTube! :
It just has this really cool old school funky beat to it and the video seemed to have that same feel :)

2. Pit Bull & Christina Aguilera's "Feel This Moment".  Watch the music video on Youtube : It is just a great dance song and Christina sounds amazing!

Well that just about wraps up this blog! Thanks for reading :)
Peace, Love & Happiness

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